It’s cold here already.  Not just cool, cold!  We had our first frost the night before last.  I got out my winter coat, gloves, and hats.  Yikes!


It’s time for knitting and crochet.  I finished a crocheted cardigan (very cute, BTW) and started designing a new pattern.  It’s very repetitive knitting, in the round, just how I like it, in a fluffy warm yarn that someone gave me for free (even better!).   I’m actually writing down the pattern as I’m working it, something I’ve never done before, so that it could be replicated by me or someone else, should they choose to do so.  I always appreciate it when people share how they’ve done something.  It’s time I did the same!


The repetitive nature of certain crafts seems to increase the amount of serotonin floating about in the brain, per certain theories, and I am banking on that.  That seems to be why a lot of Northern knitting (Shetland lace patterns in repetitions of seven stitches, for example, or Nordic Fair Isle patterns) is the way it is.  I see the same thing happen with certain crochet stitches too.  The particulars of these repetitions do have an anxiolytic effect.  Try it.