My new boss is a rebellious former dietician.  He got his master’s degree in managering and so now he is a manager.  I have yet to see him eat anything with nutritional value, and I have seen him eat quite often, as he is fond of lunchtime meetings and the office candy dish.  Styrofoam cups full of gas-station coffee…soup from a plastic container with steamholes in the top for microwaving…and today’s lunch, an entire box of  Cheez-its. Gross.  He’s like a teenager rebelling against the strict parents of healthy dining habits.  It’s kind of weird.


The other weird thing is that he has incredibly kissable-appearing lips.  I swear.  It is very distracting.  I’m mostly over it (the first couple months we had to work together I had very naughty kissing thoughts about him) but then today he was talking about the new H1N1 flu recommendations, and how (I didn’t read this from but…) “teenagers are not supposed to kiss unless they have plastic in between.”  I cannot see that happening, any more than teenagers use condoms or- gasp- abstain.  If squelching teenage hormones are all that stand between us and a full-blown swine flu outbreak, God help us all.