Sheba, enthralled by the Mousebird.

Sheba, enthralled by the Mousebird.

I got a couple of pictures of Sheba today.  We were playing Mousebird.   (The fishing pole toy has mysterious “bait” that is furry and grey, with feathers…hence we call it Mousebird.  It has its own theme song too.  Yes, we are weird here!!)

Sheba plotting her next move

Sheba plotting her next move

Marilyn is my glamour girl, my snuggler, but Sheba is the one that comes out to play.  She makes me laugh.  I don’t know what I would do without either of them.

I went to a different grocery store the other day.  Same kind of store, different location.  They didn’t have the beer I wanted (Pabst, 30 pack, in cans), so I didn’t buy any.  Then when I got to the pasta section, I swear it was as though I was on another planet.  There were no “small elbows” anywhere to be found.  The pasta was all in disturbing shapes never before seen.  Large elbows…somewhat familiar, but wrong.  Ziti? Radiatore?  All wrong.  What the heck is “Farfalle?” 


I only eat small elbows.  Sometimes, small shells are ok, but only in a mayonnaise-containing salad.  Spaghetti is pretty ok too with spaghetti sauce.  But everything else?  Small elbows and only small elbows.  Logically, I know it is the same subtance in a different shape.  And that’s just wrong.  Illogic won.


Digging through the display, though, I found some of the prize booty and made them last night: small elbows with spaghetti sauce.  Also, the beer I bought elsewhere ended up all in the fridge at Secondhand Thong rehearsal, and I am once again beerless…

There was a period of time after college when all my friends seemed to move away in a drawn-out exodus.  Most of them gravitated toward another city just like ours but with longer, colder winters.  My good friend E was no exception. 


 For awhile I pondered the possibility of orchestrating a “friend trade,” thinking that some other person’s friend must have moved here, right?  There are people moving here all the time.  I thought about it.  Then I made it happen.


E had moved, sure, but we kept in touch and the last time she visited “here” she also visited an old friend from high school whom I had never met and who had lived in Europe, and recently moved back.   I Facebook friended the mutual friend, found out she was a knitter, and invited her to knitting club, picking her up because she doesn’t have a car and lives close by.  Weirdly, we hit it off by telling E stories and figured out pretty quickly what other unusual coincidences that we have in common.


Of course E caught us posting stories about her on each other’s Facebook pages, but they were all such interesting, funny, warm stories that- well, how could she be mad?  It is too hard to make real friends in this world, especially starting as an adult, to criticize how one can become friends.  I will have to post more about this.  Maybe tomorrow.

I am finally out of “the dark place” (taps cranium) this time. I have several names for it. “The hole.” “Sylvia Plath’s writing club.” And so on.

A lot of people must have been praying for me. So, thanks everybody.

I will continue to pray for anyone currently in the dark place.

My amazing PT was showing me some stretches.  She said,

“You’re going to like ‘cat’ and ‘prayer.'”  I thought, why yes, you’re right!


I started using my exercise time as prayer time, but the cats think it’s “their” time.  They watch me very intently.  In fact, yesterday I was stretching in the “prayer” position, and Sheba was right alongside me, watching carefully, and doing it too.  I wish I had a photo to post.  It was perfect.  Cats have the right idea, stretching all the time like they do. 


Then, when I had to do the arm excercises (seated on a giant ball) Sheba was in my lap, getting petted with every rep.  Who thinks animals aren’t smart?

My Physical Therapist  gave me a lot of hope today.  She is amazing.  Flying with the dragon is ok.  Time travel is ok after one week of the new (hard!) exercises she gave me today.  They involve a giant rubber band and a giant rubber ball (special belated thanks to Jack for taking care of the dragon whilst I was laid up.  They’re kind of like dogs, in a way, needing to be let out to fly around a couple times a day.  I haven’t really mentioned the dragon before, but that doesn’t mean I don’t love her.)


My physical therapist has been my mental therapist too-  I feel so much more relaxed and hopeful and pensive and deeply happy after every visit.  Did I mention that I started the other therapy too?  Like, seeing a counselor?  It was ok.  Kind of meh, really.  But I’m getting what I need, which is the ultimate goal.


 I wish my PT could be my counselor.  She is really functioning in that capacity right now, whilst making my muscles do things that previously seemed completely out of reach (PUN!)  She also has a philosophical mind and a deep way of thinking about the interrelatedness of everything.  I feel a real connection with her somehow.  Talking with her has given me a new perspective on my own work and some ways I can better help others.  It is funny, how these things all work out.  (PUN!  Get it?  workout?  Because that’s what I got today, along with that amazing thumb massage thing that she does.)  I am sore, but hopeful.


Also, my class is going really well.  I’m learning so much useful stuff and using it.  I felt really competent today for the first time in awhile.  I was as non-cranky today as I was cranky the other day.


And, I socialized and also sorted out all the stuff I have to give away for the people who will most benefit from each item (a weird glitch in my brain wiring, that leads me to overthink where each thing must go).  So tomorrow the house will (I hope) have a lot less crap in it.


The best part: I serendipitously found out toward the end of the day that they were really short at work today, so I went in for a couple hours, and was happy to be able to help.  That seemed like a really good sign to me.


That’s about all.  Jack and I took the dragon for a flight at sunset and had just a nice time.  Every day should be exactly like today.

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