Everything in this blog is true.  Sometimes I may change a name, or alter a particular insignificant detail, or skew little inconsequential things to protect my anonymity.  Sometimes I add a fantastical aspect just for fun.

I probably think too much.

This is just a place to record conversations from within my own head, some of which should perhaps never have been allowed to escape it in the first place. You can quote me, but link to me if you do!! You know it’s the right thing to do.


Truthfully, who reads other people’s blogs anyway?  NobodySo, this is is an experiment in brutal honesty. 

Special thanks to Jack for being the love of my life and to Marilyn and Sheba (my feline companions).  Also my green dragon, Dancer.

The name Word Sprite has a double meaning.  I love words.  I love the Word.  I do think of myself as rather spritelike- flitting about, so to speak, in every sense.

You can email me directly at wordsprite at rocketmail.com if you like, but comments are preferred, and greatly encouraged!


6 Responses to “About”

  1. lorlie6 Says:

    Well, I am reading yours right now…Brutal honesty is fine, but always allow for that unknown factor-an actual reader-to actually exist and try to interact.
    So, if you don’t care, I am going to ‘follow’ your writings. I guess if you do mind, you’ll use a pencil and paper instead of a keyboard.
    Anyway, my name is Laurel and I live in Bishop, California…I also have dogs as well as cats.
    Facebook, Coffee and Addiction are 3 of my favorite topics, with my new status as a non-smoker(23 days only) my absolute pride and joy.
    I am a multi-addicted ex-drug addict, gambler, smoker, drinker, as well as a non-smoking happy person at 52 years of age.
    I certainly hope you write me back!

    Laurel Rogers

  2. WordSprite Says:

    Ah- that’s where anonymity comes in. It allows for the freedom to be honest! Thanks for following. I don’t mind one bit. Stay in touch.

  3. lorlie6 Says:

    Hi, WordSprite!
    How are you this first day Farrah and MJ Post Mortem?
    Popular Culture/Consciousness shaking/altering stuff, the Michael Jackson one. Music IS global.
    Took all of FF’s thunder in death, too, how sad. She died earlier in the same DAY, for God’s sake. But the whole tragic day is none of our business, it is God’s. He has become so important in my life. I am very happy.
    Anyway, I am glad I read this first post I read of yours. I forgot about citing your blog.
    Citation is important especially doing it the author’s way…That ought to be the ONLY way to quote works of writing. I like that alot. Thanks.
    Good Morning, then. Where, again, do you live? Or maybe you’ve never said. That would be up to you, my dear.
    Regards to Jack, the greatest guy in your life, I gather. Mine’s named Anthony.
    You know, WS, we are lucky girls. I assume that you are a girl, correct me if I am wrong.
    Anyway, we are blessed. Many do not ever find even BAD love their entire lives.
    Ever. Can you imagine?
    Thank You, Lord. Thank You!
    Gotta Go, so are you a Facebook user? I would like to make you a friend so that I can see more of your ‘personality’…But I’d like to stay here to be real communicating friends, I don’t want to be Facebook Friends with my WS, only WordPress Friends!
    Agreed? Or not?
    Let me know if you wish, when you read this, otherwise, I will look at your blog and mine every day for news from you!
    Have a wordy day!
    =^o^= & :o)(o:
    See Ya,

    Oh yeah, here’s another kitty since you have two! =^o^=

  4. lorlie6 Says:

    Hi, Wordsprite~
    I have been neglecting my blogging recently in favor of tending to my new titanium hip! How creepy is that? Gad, you should see the X-Ray…what a bizarre piece of work it is! I feel fantastic and the thing works like a dream. Wow.
    Anyway, just wanted to say hello and let you know that all is well.
    Your writing pal,

  5. sly0208 Says:

    Hi, Wordsprite. I just ran across your blog by tag surfing and have added you to my blog subscription. Look forward to reading and learning more! 🙂

    1. WordSprite Says:

      Thanks, sly0208! 🙂 You are very kind.

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