So we had one of our lunchtime work meetings today.  You know they gave me this huge new project to “run with…nobody’s ever done this before.”  So nobody really knows how to do it.  So, if I screw up, who will know?  Who will stop me?  I am used to being micromanaged.  My one-up even watches me just in case I use the wrong bathroom.


So I mentioned that I would like more feedback, because I would like to make sure I am at least headed in the right direction.  My manager (not my micromanager…the manager with the kissable-looking lips) took the opportunity to heap on some praise.  “You’re doing great!”  I told him that wasn’t what I was looking for, I wanted concrete feedback.  He seemed really embarrassed.  But I really want to know!  I feel like I am letting go of a bunch of helium balloons, watching them float up toward the clouds.  I have no idea where they are headed.  One of them might even float to New Zealand (not likely, but this is a metaphor) and if nobody mails me back a “Hey!  I got your balloon, and hi from New Zealand!” then I have no idea whatsoever. Right?  How about “you currently have met 10% of your goal.”  Now that would be good!  He didn’t like the feedback I gave him about my feedback- is that right?  Is that irony?  What is that?