This morning I was eating breakfast, trying to get ready for work, and I heard the sound of two vehicles colliding.  Then a car alarm.  Then, very soon, emergency vehicles, several of them in quick succession.  It sounded like the car accident I had two weeks ago.  Flashback time.  Not a good way to start the day, but then, neither was being really hung over, or crying in my boss’s office because I hate the “new exciting job thing” that they gave me.  I am having a really hard time staying organized and on top of an ever-changing nebulous job description- a moving target, if you will.


The consolation prize  for the job is that I get an office with a window and a different mix of coworkers. 


The consolation prize for the car accident is that I got my car back on Friday, sort of wrinkled, a permanent reminder that the accident was my own fault.