I try to do business at local places, “mom and pop” places as they used to be called.  So, I was at one- the kind you have to wait at for awhile- and I was chatting with the lady (this one really actually is run by a husband-and-wife team).  Flipping through a magazine, I ran into an article about Locks of Love (they give wigs to kids with alopecia- permanent hair loss) and I started going off about how girls feel so great about donating their hair, and the organization can’t even use half of the donated hair, and how it takes ten ponytails to make one wig and they probably have warehouses full of ponytails waiting for the other nine “matches.”


Then I remembered that her husband has alopecia.  The guy doesn’t even have eyelashes.   *facepalm*


They still seem to like me and Jack, though.  Believe me, they have some opinions even weirder than ours.  How reassuring!  No matter how weird you are…there is someone even weirder than you out there, doing a great job at whatever it is they do.