So, I feel pretty debilitated with this back injury and all, and am unable to do much but hang out online, which is something I enjoy anyway…though usually with a clearer head, or maybe one or two nice cold cans of PBR…not all this prescription crap.  Which is helping, but also giving me the  dry heaves (haven’t barfed yet, praise God).

I put out a couple status updates on Facebook.  I got one offer of bringing me some supplies- which was incredibly heartwarming and thoughtful, particularly since it was from someone I don’t know very well IRL.  I also put out a prayer request, and got two promises of prayer in response to that.  I put up another one, then, that offered- free for the picking- some fruits of my garden that I just am physically unable to harvest myself and don’t want the deliciousness to go to waste- hoping that someone would be able to use the stuff, cook with it, make something yummy–maybe even bringing some back for me- and the multitude of responses was unbelievable.  I can’t complain too much.  A bit of company and the (however remote) possibility that someone might be kind enough to scoop the cats’ litter box would have been wonderful side benefits.  Perhaps my mild irritation is more the side effect of the pain and the meds, because what else do I have to do?  Nothing.  Just wait, nap, contemplate human nature, and follow the slow-moving time spiral as it curves ever onward, into a conceivably better future.