It is difficult to describe  in words, but I imagine  time (the concept, the flow of it) to be a spiral tube reaching infinitely out into space, ever outward, in both directions. The week is the circumference, but it spirals; for instance, all the Tuesdays line up., all the Thursdays, and so forth.   Each month is a different translucent shade…each year a different color…the stars shine through it, as I imagine it.

When my life necessitated more random sleep and waking periods, I imagined time as simply one continuous infinite line. The square boxes on a regular calendar just didn’t mesh with my experience at all and I ended up missing very important events (a court date, my dad’s retirement party… although he’s since had three different jobs), since the “day” on paper and the “day” in my mind did not match up in any possible way. A scroll-like calendar would have been perfect during that time, one singular infinite one-dimensional scroll.  However, after  more thought, the spiral idea seems superior.  It takes into account the cycling of days, of weeks, of months.

I think of this now as these medications I am on, the randomness of  my current sleep-wake cycle, and the fact that I am wide awake en la madrugada since I slept hard all afternoon and don’t have anything to do but blog,watch Star Trek on HULU, and study Spanish just make time seem weird, and the calendar just can’t contain the experience.  Only my imagination and the magic portal to the Internet can even  come close.