I know a not-very-nice woman, whom I call The Anus.  She is closed up and tight.  Puckered- up.  Sanctimonious.  She thinks she’s hot s**t.

I tried to be her friend, invited her to hang out one day, since I knew her peripherally and thought that since we had some things in common and some mutual friends, that she and I might become friends too.  I don’t know what I did wrong.  It was uncomfortable, too much like a first date.  I knew going in that she tends to be  rather judgmental, and chose to overlook that fact.  Since then there have been some other interactions that were uncomfortable for me, the kind that give me grade-school flashbacks, and I just try to be Zen about it.  I note her closed-off-ness and choose not to get sucked in.  I ignore it.  I ignore The Anus.