Okay, things and people…and animals…

Cat in the lap.

One is there purring right now- content and warm.


Pabst in a can.

Not as cheap as it used to be.  I may have to switch to Milwaukee’s Best Ice.  Hipsters took over, just like everything else.


My neighbor A.

He’s mildly autistic, completely trustworthy, and good with animals.  He watches out for my house anytime I am gone.  I need not worry at all.


Little cardigans.

Possibly the most perfect and versatile garments ever. 


Mechanical pencils.

They never need sharpening.  Ever!  I don’t like the permanence of ink…pencils are like having a backspace button on paper.



Black, please.



Someday we will meet again.



Hawaiian Tropic seems to have discontinued my favorite kind, dashing my (pale, pale Irish) hopes for ever getting a sponsorship, and dooming me to freckle and burn this summer.  They have obviously underestimated my brand loyalty (*shakes fist in general direction of Hawaii*).


And last, but not least…in fact, most: Jack.

Hot,  brilliant, awesome.  Hardworking.  In control.  Love!