I keep hearing about this 3/50 project- it was a huge deal on Twitter, Facebook, every digital shred of electronic media, ironically- since it’s purpose is to encourage those with money to spend it at bricks and mortar local stores.  I just accidentally typed “mortal”- ha!   Bricks and Mortality.

Well, a “favorite” local bookstore closed.  Every time I went, they just didn’t have what I wanted.  It seemed to cater to a different clientele.  No, it wasn’t some kind of specialty store, just a regular bookstore, but the decider-of-what-was-to-go-on-the-shelves must have been some kind of new age person.  I’m a browser.  I found what I wanted- every time- at the big boxes. 

I am not going to spend money I don’t have to buy things I don’t need at precious local stores to keep them in business. 

Perhaps the prime example is this: a group of us had to purchase something together, and most people wanted the cheapest thing- made to order out of state, likely with non-citizen, poorly-paid labor, the lower price of which included next-day shipping.  I fought to use a local, union-pride company that had been in existence many, many years, in the same inner-city location.  Local!  I said.  I got it all hooked up.  When I went to pick the stuff up, it was like a fortress.  I couldn’t figure out how to get in, then could not open the heavy door.  They laughed at me, treated me poorly in the office, and I was kind of miffed.  The stuff fell apart.  It looks like crap.  We ended up ordering more from the out-of-state place and it is holding up just fine.  Am I embarrassed?  You bet.  Will I ever struggle to buy local again?  Not likely.  Not at all likely.