While I am on the topic of smoking, I wanted to relate it to another “freedom” topic that is on everyone’s mind today, with the CA vote and all.  It reminded me of some dialog from Taxi Driver, one of my all-time favorite movies (I edited out some offensive language, but some remains).

“Wizard: Then I picked up these two fags, you know. They’re goin’ downtown. They’re wearing these rhinestone t-shirts. And they start arguin’. They start yellin’. The other says: ‘You b***h.’…I say: ‘Look, I don’t care what you do in the privacy of your own home behind closed doors – this is an American free country, we got a pursuit of happiness thing, you’re consenting, you’re adult. BUT, you know, uh, you know, in my f***ing cab, don’t go bustin’ heads, you know what I mean? God love you, do what you want.’
Dough Boy: Tell ’em to go to California, ’cause out in California when two fags split up, one’s got to pay the other one alimony.
Wizard: Not bad. Ah, they’re way ahead out there, you know in California. So I had to tell ’em to get out of the f***n’ cab.”

Indeed, that is the prevailing wisdom: that I am supposed to let homosexuals enjoy the lifestyle they want, if it’s “behind closed doors,” consensual, adult, etc.  OK, I can buy that. 

But then let me smoke where you’re not going to go anyway.

Logic, yes?